Sustainability goes beyond our menu. Here are the ways we aim to be a sustainable restaurant by the seaside.

Serving produce that is sustainable, ethical and as locally sourced as possible is at the heart of what we do. However, that’s not where it ends. Here are all the ways in which we strive to be as sustainable and environmentally thoughtful as possible.

Local sourcing from sustainable farms
We use only the highest welfare meats and source as locally as possible, including beef from and lamb from Pevensey and vegetables from around Sussex and Kent. See some of our producers and suppliers.

Small wine producers, natural wine
All wine has an impact on the environment, but, just as with food, there are ways to drink greener. All of our range is natural or biodynamic, and meets our sustainability requirements. A few of the key factors to consider are whether farming methods are organic, water and energy efficiency in the vineyard and winery, and whether winery workers are paid fairly and treated well. Transportation is also an important issue, which is why the majority of our wines are from Europe (and Sussex and Kent). We believe a few treats are worth bringing in from further afield, though. Read more about our wine list, and find out more about natural wine and biodynamic wine here.

Hastings fish
We support the Hastings fishing community and the Hastings Fish scheme. All our fish is sustainable, and virtually all our fish is from Hastings, with exceptions only being on strange or stormy days when there’s nothing to be had. We also buy shellfish from close by, including Rye Bay scallops and Colchester rock oysters.

Excellent eggs
We use biodynamic eggs from Orchard Eggs in Ripe. They keep small flocks of hens and use biodynamic farming techniques for the most ethical, high welfare, and happy hens around. They’re also better for the planet, and taste better too.

Eco energy
We are proud to use small energy suppliers that use 100% renewable energy with no bio fuels, that prioritise local energy where possible. This means that our running costs are a little higher, but our impact on the planet lower – it’s a no brainer really.

We don’t bottle it
We don’t sell still bottled water because we want to minimise the impact that bottled water (be it plastic or glass) has on the environment. And frankly there’s nothing wrong with what comes out of the tap. We are also a free water top-up point, bring your flasks and we will fill them up to go.

Tap in
Likewise, we’re also big fans on wine on tap. It keeps better, it tastes better, it uses less packaging and reduces transport space thus having less impact on the environment, and it’s cheaper than bottling meaning we’re all getting more for our money. See our Wine on Tap list.

No to napkins
Not only are our trademark tea towels much better for protecting your fave top from spills, they also eliminate the pointless waste of paper napkins. So you can look sharp and protect the environment too.

Bills, bills, bills
We do not print bills, but will gladly email you an itemised receipt for safe keeping.

Wipe out waste
Sustainable on the way in, sustainable on the way out. We buy our toilet roll from Who Gives A Crap, which is not only as environmentally friendly as it comes, but as a company they donate 50% of profits to help build toilets for those in need.

There’s always more that can be done and we’re always looking for new ideas, but we’re pleased with the start we’ve made.