Wine on tap – we serve wine, craft beer and cider from taps and BIBs

Here at Farmyard, we’re big fans on wine on tap. It keeps better, it tastes better, it uses less packaging and reduces transport space thus having less impact on the environment, and it’s cheaper than bottling meaning we’re all getting more for our money.

Here is the current (subject to change) list of our bottle-free beauties, available across tap and BIB (bag-in-box):

🍺 @burningskybeer Arise Session IPA
🥂 Low-intervention prosecco
🍯 Natural Loire Valley Chenin white wine*
🍷 Natural Sicilian Nero d’Avola red wine
🍎 @seacidersussex Blood Orange cider
🍯 Natural Loire Valley Sauvignon Blanc white wine*
🍷 Natural Rhône blend red wine

Enjoy in the restaurant, or bring your old wine bottles / milk cartons along and fill ‘em up to go at our wine shop prices.

*when will they invent a white wine emoji?

JOIN OUR NEW WINE CLUB – The Grapes & Plates Society and drink wine in for the price of wine to go, Mondays to Wednesdays 🍇& 🍴