A natural wine shop and wine delivery service – selling natural, organic and biodynamic wine locally and nationally

As well as a natural wine bar and restaurant, we are also a Wine Shop specialising in Organic, Natural and Biodynamic wines. You can buy direct, or we can deliver locally and nationally. We’re making it our mission to make this natural, lovingly-made, chemical-free and more sustainable wine accessible for everyone, which is why we’ve worked hard to put together a new and great value list.

You can now find bottles starting from just £10 which meet all our strict quality requirements, and more than 40 fantastic bottles all for under £20. Of course, we have lots of seriously special bottles for much more than that too – but always great value for what they are. There are over 150 to choose from, and remember, everything we sell is made using organic practices as a minimum standard.

Browse our full list here and see our options for how to buy below.

  1. Buy in store
    You can swing by our restaurant, wine bar and wine shop to browse and buy any time we’re open. Currently Thursdays-Sundays (and more days soon!)
  2. Order and collect
    If you’re going to be in the area, you can order with us and arrange a time to collect your wine – it will be boxed and ready.
  3. We deliver
    Not nearby? We can deliver. We charge £5 for local delivery (Hastings, St Leonard’s, Bexhill). We charge £10 for nationwide delivery. We can usually deliver within 2 days, but for locals we can often be much quicker than that.
  4. Case at a Pace
    For the very best deal, see our * Case At A Pace * buying option. 12 bottles, delivered for free within a week at 10% off. Details below.

So, to order… Simply browse our selection and make your choices, then either email us hello@farmyardwine.com or message/call our order line 07807986964.

Case at a Pace
We have launched our new * Case At A Pace * buying option. 
Buy any 12 bottles from us, we’ll get them to you within 7 days (often quicker) and you’ll get 10% off plus free local delivery across St Leonards, Hastings or Bexhill. Nationwide delivery is also available for £10. Or we can arrange a time for you to collect if you’d rather. With already low take out prices, this means some seriously great value natural wine and an easy way to keep your home supplies stocked up.
So, what’s in it for us? As much as we love everyone popping in to buy bottles and sending out hasty wine at the last minute (which we can still do – don’t worry!), giving us time to process these orders allows us to buy in from our small suppliers – some of whom don’t work every day – and keep stocks up, plus we can pair deliveries up so we save on transport costs and fit them around our staffing schedules. We’ll often be able to get orders out in a day or two, but it will always be within a week and we’ll be in touch to arrange suitable delivery times.

Find out more about the kind of wine we stock.