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You can order the same extensive range of natural and organic wines stocked in our restaurant to be delivered to your door – or to someone else’s as an ideal gift. We can also include personalised messages.

If you’re within Hastings, St Leonards or Bexhill we can deliver to you within the hour, 7 days a week right up to 11pm or later with £5 delivery. Elsewhere in the UK, we can deliver any cases over £100 within a couple of days with £10 delivery.

Our NEW BIGGER range includes our favourite red, white, orange and pink wines, sparkling and Pet Nats, magnums, sherry, vermouth and port, and totally natural Japanese sake and umeshu.

JUNMAISHU – see our new range of all-natural, organic sake, umeshu and shuzo yuzu see here

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    Our NEW delivery list is here ✅ ✅. It is generally available for delivery within the hour to local areas – it’s a concise selection of our favourite and most popular wines. Can’t see your favourite? Ask about our full restaurant wine list here – almost everything on it can be ordered for delivery within a few days.
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    Once you know what wines you want, you can build your own case of 6 or 12 wines. Not sure? See one of our suggested cases – be it our great value Essentials Case, our Taste The Rainbow Case (including an NHS donation), our Sunshine Wine selection, our indulgent Super Naturals case, the Loire Case showing off our favourite wine region, or the Celebrations Case full of fizz. If you’re in the local delivery area, you don’t need to make up a case – it’s a flat £5 delivery. Minimum 2 bottles.
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    Use our Whatsapp Order Line to give us your order. Simply message 07807986964. We’ll get right back to you, take your details, can send digital payment links and arrange contactless delivery within the hour locally – within a couple of days nationwide.
  4. Sit back and enjoy your wine
    Want to let us know what you think of it? Tag us @farmyardwine and let us know your favourites!


Ciello Bianco (organic practices) (white) 
Cantina Rallo, Catarratto, 2018, Sicily, Italy, 12.5%
Cloudy, funky and just a little bit wild. Unfiltered grapes that are dry and loud with bags of character.

Frentano Trebbiano (organic practices) (white)
Cantina Frentano, Trebbiano, 2018, Abruzzo, Italy, 12%
Crisp, citrus fresh with orchard fruit, these grapes know how to have a good time! Grown in one of Abruzzo’s original cooperatives dating back to the 60s and made with fun in mind like only the Italians know how.

Bo Vin Rosé (organic, very low sulphur dioxide) (pink)
Bois Moisset, Duran, 2018, Gaillac, France, 12%
Dry and lively this all-too drinkable rosé is best paired with giggles and good times. This family-run biodiverse vineyard shares its soils with lentils, ancient grains and a herd of organic beef cattle. Plenty of company and manure on tap!

Serbian Kovidinka (organic, no added sulphur dioxide) (orange)
Maurer Oszkar, Kovidinka, 2018, Szeremseg, Serbia, 10.5% 
Drank much Serbian wine recently? Now’s your chance: just south of the border with Hungary, Maurer farms his 6 acres by horse plough, working the 100-year-old vines to produce this crisp, light and fresh skin-contact Kovidinka ‘orange wine’.

Gran Cerdo Rioja “Pig Wine” (organic practices)  (red)
Gonzalo Grijalba, Tempranillo, 2018, Rioja, Spain, 13.5%
Feed your inner (or not so inner) anarchist with these smooth and earthy grapes dedicated to the Greedy Pig Bankers that refused their support during the last recession. This wine has been firing our souls since 2009; more than a decade later we need these troublemaking grapes more than ever.

Primeros Pasos (biodynamic practices) (red)
Elisio, Monastrell, 2018, Alicante, Spain, 13.5%
Rich, medium bodied, but full-flavoured and meaty with black fruit flavours and a hit of tannin, this is a robust wine that’s at it best matched with red meats and rich dishes. If you like Cabernet Sauvignon, give this a go.

Pebble Dew (biodynamic methods) (white)
Pebble Dew, Sauvignon Blanc, 2018, Marlborough, New Zealand, 13.5%
Pear, peach and a spritz of citrus and grapefruit come together in this fresh take on a classic New Zealand Sauvignon. Full bodied and floral with just the right amount of sass.

Stay Brave (biodynamic methods, very low sulphites, skin contact) (orange)
Testalonga Baby Bandito, Chenin, 2018, Swartland, South Africa 12%Another punchy number from Craig Hawkins’ Baby Bandito range; funky, yet light and playful. Punching above its weight, this is great value, expressive, experimental Chenin — Stay Brave!

Grolleau Topette à Lundi (no added sulphur dioxide)
Domaine de Bablut, Grolleau, 2018, Anjou, Loire, France,11.5%
Light and earthy with the right amount of farminess. Smooth with gorgeous acidity, vivacious energy and effervescence.

Diptyque Bourgueil (biodynamic methods)
Domaine de la Chevalerie, Cabernet Franc, 2017, Loire, France, 13%
A fantastic value wine that shows off well the fresh but farmy flavours of Cabernet Franc that we love adore. Think cherries, redcurrants and goat’s cheese.

Garg ‘n’ Go Pet Nat (no added sulphur dioxide)
La Biancara Maule, Garganega, Durella, 2018, Veneto, Italy, 12%
It’s from Veneto, It’s fizzy but this definitely isn’t Prosecco. Hazy and lightly sparkling with flavours of dried apricots and a dry finish, as the name suggests this is laid back wine for anytime of the day. A perfect aperitif!

To buy, please message our Whatsapp Order Line 07807986964. We can swap bottles, make it bespoke or order whole cases of your favourite wine at a 10% discount. Most orders can be delivered next day.

Whatsapp Order Line for all orders, info and requests: 07807986964