Sake, ume shu and shuzo yuzu – natural and organic junmaishu sake delivered

We’ve got some exciting new arrivals! Hot from Japan, comes a range of all-natural, organic sake, umeshu and shuzo yuzu. 

These exciting umami-rich drinks are not only delicious, but – just like all our wines – are artisanally made by boutique breweries, distilleries and craftspeople, with minimal intervention and no chemicals or additives.

Known as ‘Junmaishu’ – or Pure Sake – they are quite literally comprised of just rice and water. 

PLUS they have landed just in time for our upcoming Sushi Yado Delivery Supper Club on Saturday. If you’ve already booked, drop us a message to tag a bottle on. If not, we have a few slots left so get in quick.

Alternatively, order any of these along with our full natural and organic wine range using our all-day every-day Wine Delivery Service. Just message us on Whatsapp: 07807986964.

Hanatomoe Muroka Genshu Sake £24
Wild and floral flavours mingle with delicate grassy and citrus aromas in this super pure, semi-dry sake that’s complex and rich in umami flavours. (720ml)

Tsuruume Suppai Ume Shu £32
A perfectly balanced all-natural version of Japan’s beloved ume shu plum wine that is not too sweet with a delicious sourness. Deep almond aromas come from the steeped plum stones, and its sweet-sour flavour is addictive. (720ml)

Heiwa Shuzo Yuzu £40
Made from 50% pure yuzu juice, along with pure sake, this refreshing citrus bomb is a seriously special sensation. (720ml)

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